Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day three
May 24, 2018
Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day five
May 24, 2018

Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day four

I thought today would be a boring day and I’d struggle to find stuff to write about. Well, didn’t turn exactly that way.

In the morning the weather was as scruffy and grey as ever. We headed out to the motorway and stopped immediately to refuel. At that time it started to rain, and the guys started getting their raingear on. Even the Hippie put on his Goretex gloves. As a sign on solidarity I constructed another gaffer tape front fender, although it’s not really needed at motorway speeds.

Surprisingly there was no Stau in Hamburg, but we hit a massive one in Bremen. There was a motorcycle cop at the side of the road, and he started to follow us. He headed in front of us and lighted his “Bitte folgen” light. He took us to a police station, where they asked for our papers and a bunch of cops started to check our bikes out. Which means they pointed at various technical solutions we had made, and laughed. They told me my exhaust is illegal, and the license plate should be more vertical. I bent the plate holder straighter, and asked them to tell me when it’s okay. Afterwards I bent it back the way it was.

Markus’s Hayabusa didn’t have a noise killer and when asked to rev the engine a bit, the Hippie took it to the limiter, deafening everybody in the vicinity so they both got a 25-euro fine. I cunningly only took the revs up slightly from idle so the noise wasn’t rewarded with a citation. We were sort of unlucky; the cops told us they hold a check-up at the very spot every year during the Assen MotoGP, which was currently going on.

When fiddling with the license plate, I noted it vibration has started it to crack. On the next stop, I looked at it closer, and it was nearly off, so I helped it a bit. I punched new holes in it for the screws with my Victorinox knife and also one unwanted hole in my middle finger. A while later the plate was as good as new.

Joni, who was leading the pack apparently had some ancient maps on his GPS, and the routes he took were sort of interesting. At one point we even got to this small ferry that took us across a river or something.

Markus has like his complete wardrobe packed on his Hayabusa, except shoes. So we went to some goddamn town to look for sneakers. Luckily he didn’t seem to waste time and we headed out again.

In arriving to the Netherlands the air had got really goddamn humid. It didn’t really rain, but you’d be wet all the time, it was sort of really thick fog. Also the winds got really strong as we approached the coast. Both of these started to be really irritating before long, and everyone seemed really pleased as we finally arrived at the harbour in Hook of Holland. Oh well, maybe it’s good to get used to Scottish weather.

On the ship we headed straight to the bar, where we’re currently sitting with our leathers on. Tomorrow we’ll arrive in the UK, where hopefully it will be a bit less wet. As if.


Today in stats:
Distance travelled 614 km
Times lost: 2
Times pulled over: 1
Average speed 94 km/h
Max speed 198 km/h


(This text was originally published in letsri-de blog on June 24, 2017)


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