Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day five
May 24, 2018
The poor British!
May 24, 2018

Dramatic opening: Bike got stolen!

My Triumph got stolen last night, but guess what! I bought a new bike! It’s goddamn Cannonball Bike Run, I’m not giving in that easily!

Last night as we headed out, we decided to get some curry on the way to the pre-CBR bar meet. The taxi driver dropped us at the side of the road and pointed at the general direction of the restaurant. A door was open, so we headed in. All the others seemed to be Asians and wearing really fancy clothes. They looked at us amusedly as we figured out it was probably a wedding party or something. Oh well, the restaurant was next door.

At the bar, we got to notice that Vikings are probably set to raid and conquer the Isle of Man and Scotland again. They’re probably the largest non-British group with 16 (I think it was) participants who were eagerly gulping down courage juice in the pub. So take heed, lock up your houses and hide your women and children, the Vikings are coming!

The next morning I was looking to mount my video camera to the bike but as I went to the parking lot, I noticed it was missing. The first thought was that the Hippie is playing a prank, but as asked him about the Triumph’s whereabouts I could directly tell by the genuine amazement on his face that he hadn’t moved it. So, it had been nicked.

Makes me wonder. There it was next to an S1000RR, an S1000XR, a Hayabusa and even the Hippie’s Aprilia looks pretty nice. And then they stole my bike. Must have been either drunk or stupid. Or both.

With the help of my friend, TT-racer Dave Moffitt, I tried to source a bike I’d be able to borrow while on the IoM, and it seemed to work out. The plan was to rent a bike when we’d return to mainland.

Luckily however, on the ferry to the Isle of Man a fellow Cannonballer called Horney, also a racer, sourced a Kawasaki ZX7R that was up for grabs in Castletown at a very affordable price, which would be even better! After checking the pics and a brief price negotiation I told the seller I’d buy it. So, despite having stated I’ll never buy a fully faired sports bike again, I now seem to own one.

Shortly after getting to Douglas a group of 10 or so guys headed out to Castletown to get my “new” Kawi. It even had a new battery and a full tank of petrol, what a deal! Sadly, the tires were about the same age as the bike, so I’d have to get them replaced. Luckily the nearby Jason Griffiths Motorcycle replaced the ancient Diablos with fresh Rosso II tyres while I waited. Understandably the rest of the pack scattered to their own directions, but the Hippie, like a trustworthy old dog, stayed and waited until the ZX was ready to go.

As we waited, it started to rain slightly. However we headed back to the TT route and did a full lap. It looked like it was brighter in the south, and we headed to the coast. The road were dry and VERY good. This one 10-mile bit we did three times both ways, it was one of the best roads I’ve ever ridden. We had so much fun riding we were a little bit late for lunch, so we decided to wear leather, as is appropriate.

And finally, briefly about the bike. For a cheap old thing such as it is, it really isn’t half bad! The suspension seems okay, on rough surfaces the bike’s a bit wobbly and the brakes aren’t the best I’ve tried, but hey! It’s got me Cannonballing again!


Today in stats:
Distance travelled 166 km
Times lost: 2
Times pulled over: 0
Average speed 50 km/h
Max speed 180 km/h


(This text was originally published on the blog on June 26th, 2017)

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