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May 24, 2018
Victorious debut race for Indian FTR1200 Custom in the Sultans of Sprint races
May 24, 2018

No water in my whisky today, thanks

We knew it was going to rain. And rain a lot. Still we weren’t prepared to what lay ahead.

This day would be a long one, over 500 km. So in the morning we checked the weather forecast, and we’d have a chance to stay somewhat drier, if we headed out straight away. So we tried to be as fast as possible, but failed to beat the rain.

In the garage I found out I had gotten a lot of new sponsors, as my bike was covered in stickers. Too bad the deals seemed to be short-term, as at the end of the day, the stickers would be gone.

Luckily we were able outrun the rain, so we also got to enjoy some dry curves. But as it eventually started raining, we really didn’t drop the speed by that much. Actually, Adrian with his S1000RR was probably faster that I would have been on dry. So, despite the rain we were having a lot of fun – Especially the “Scottish Rollercoaster” was a blast, amazing road with loads of jumps can never be bad.

Then, at one point, there seemed to be a missing turn in the road book, which caused us to drive like 60 km extra. Luckily we did eventually find the correct route, after Joni found a goddamn 15 km cart-path of a shortcut.

Soon it turned out the road book for the day would be better than the weather. It really started pissing down and I noticed my riding goggles stated to get foggy whenever I stood still. Eventually they’d stop defogging even when riding, which made things very interesting. Also it might be interesting to know that riding with a visorless helmet feels roughly the same as getting your face sandblasted. It’s still burning and I haven’t ridden in a while now.

On one of these fogged-out sections, I nearly crashed. I don’t know what I hit, but it sure was slippery as hell, lost both wheels at the same time, but luckily regained grip before dropping it.

I don’t have any proper rain gear, so I could have pissed myself and nobody would have known the difference. Surprisingly even the others, dressed in full-body condoms, were complaining they were getting wet. At one point I squeezed my hand in a fist, and water would just pour out.

Luckily we also got lost 100 meters before the turn to the hotel and were riding around some mansions. This is to say, we were probably one of the fastest groups on the road, but this shows what Cannonball really is about: Navigation. If you make mistakes, you most likely won’t be able to hold the speed needed to make up for it. Mind you, we weren’t the first to arrive, but many of the participants took a faster route because of the roadbook-like weather.

Upon arriving at the hotel in Aberdeen, I announced loudly that I’d find a bar and drink whisky until I’d be warm again. It really does work, and maybe the company helped a bit too.


Today in stats:

Distance travelled: 591 km
Times lost: 3
Times pulled over: 0


(This article was first published in the letsri.de blog in June 29th, 2017)

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