Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day one
May 24, 2018
Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day three
May 24, 2018

Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day two

The decision to take the small roads was a right one. I got to see Poland like I’ve never seen it before.

I woke to a glorious morning and instantly I knew the day was going to be good. I had picked a lodging at roughly half way, and the plan was to drive towards the sea in Poland and to head westward from there.

A bit after crossing to Poland, I was overtaking a bunch of cars and trucks. When I got back to my own lane, I noticed a speed camera. Thought about slowing down for a fraction of a second, but then I decided to greet the camera with two middle fingers. And it sure went off. I kind of would like to get the picture, man it would make a kickass Facebook profile picture!

It was absolutelu worth it to leave Via Baltica for the small roads, as I got to see a whole new Poland, charming countryside with cute little villages following each other. And the roads, when they were good, they were really good. Flawless tarmac, rolling curves and barely any traffic.

Mind you, when the roads were bad, they were bad. There weren’t holes, at least not that often, but they were bumpy as a very bumpy thing. On one of those bumpy stretches, I was doing like 80 at a 90 zone, and a Yaris stuck to my arse. The first thought was “There is no goddamn way in this universe a Yaris will overtake me, bumpy or not!”

So I upped the pace first to 90, then gradually to 120. The fucking Toyota kept at a 15-meter distance all the time, and my kidneys and ass were being battered to hell. So, I raider my posterior from the seat and upped the speed to like 150. When I slowed down, he’d always reappear, so I did the whole 20 km bit of road on the pegs at 150. That showed him!

Then, all of a sidden I was cruising along minding my own business and I see a copper with a radar gun. No clue about the speed limit, but I wasn’t going that fast. He steps on the road, however and sticks his hand in the air. I stopped, and he told me I was going a bit too fast. The radar gun showed 93. The cop told me the limit was 50. Shit.

I played a dumb tourist like a champion, and the cop let me off with a warning (you need to drive slower sometimes!) and showed me the sign showing urban areas that comes with 50 km/h limit. Thanks mate! To make this feel even more special, the Hippie SMS’d me that he’d been fined on his way to the harbour in Finland, 150@120km/h = 600something euros. Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

Riding in Polish countryside was so much fun. Apart from the scenery and the roads, also the people were cool. They – young and old – would wave at me and little kids gesture me to rev the engine, which, I’d naturally reply with waves or hitting the limiter. On top of everything, the sun was shining so I couldn’t have been happier. I’ll definitely have to check Poland out in more detail in the near future.

At like 3 o’clock in the afternoon the formerly empty roads became packed with cars. I don’t know what was up with that, it was as if whole Polish population suddenly hit the roads. After an hour or so, it stopped, and there was very little traffic again.

In the afternoon, the roads turned back to Soviet efficiency again, but I was seriously so happy I couldn’t have cared less. When I was nearly at my destination, with maybe 50k to go, a truck driver flashed his lights at me, and to him I’d like to say thank you. A bit ahead there were coppers in a bush just as the speed limit turned to 70 – I would have definitely gone over that. I don’t know if they had bothered to stop me though. Maybe not.

Finally I arrived at my lodging, and I must say, wow, what a place! It’s some old manor, turned into a lofty hunting pensionate. Looks like I’m the only guest, I feel like a goddamn king, like I should!
Tomorrow I’ll head to Germany and will meet up with the other Finns, except Tuomo, who’s having bike trouble, and will have to drive through Sweden instead. To him I must tip my helmet, and wish the best of luck!

Today in stats:

Distance travelled 649 km
Times lost: 2
Times pulled over: 1

Average speed 72 km/h
Max speed 162 km/h


(This was originally posted in blog on 22 June, 2017)

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