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May 24, 2018
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May 24, 2018

The poor British!

Up until like the 60’s, the Isle of Man was a British holiday paradise. They sure must have had it bad at home, to come here to enjoy a holiday.

Before the invention of cheap commercial flight, at roughly the 1960’s, the Isle of Man was a paradise island where the British came to spend their holidays. I know “normal” conditions define expectations, so they must have had it really bad back home, if this was their idea of enjoyment.

That is to say the weather today has been ghastly. We practised with the Hippie by going out to the town by foot, which was a nice way to get soaked without the fuss of motorcycling. Straight after that we headed out to Greg-Ny-Baa for lunch. I had been stupid enough to get a dark tinted visor instead of a yellow one for my Biltwell helmet. It was impossible to see jack shit and I dared not to ride faster than 50 mph. I had no chance but to follow the white lines as otherwise I’d have had no idea where to aim the bike.

After the lunch we intended to head to Joey’s statue with the Finns, but for some reason the whole pack followed me as I headed out. From there we tied to get to Kirk Michael, where we were supposed to visit a motorcycle museum, but I missed the turn in the fog. That was convenient, since I had forgot my Cold Killerz jacket at Greg Ny Baa. Me, Joni and Jani decided to head back to the hotel for drinks, but the others left to Kirk Michael. If they try tell me the trip was worth it, I gotta say, I’m not going to believe a word. It should have been pure orgasm, and I don’t believe it was.

On the way back the visibility dropped to zero. We were already in Onchan, so the speed was low and I decided to take the visor off. The fucker flew off the instant I got the first snap fastener out, causing an instant traffic jam. Luckily the other motorists were understanding and helpful and we didn’t hear a single honk. Rather, they’d ask us if everything is okay.

Interestingly it was considerably easier to see without the goddamn visor. Luckily I have also goggles with me, I’m going have to wear them if it keeps raining.

This is my fifth trip to the Isle of Man, and the weather has been the worst so far. The place itself is lovely and especially the TT races are definitely worth the visit. Oh well, we just had a bit of bad luck.

Tomorrow we’ll head back to the mainland and off north to Scotland. Let’s hope it’ll rain less there.


Today in stats:
Times lost: 1
Times pulled over: 0


(This article was originally published on letsri.de blog on June 27th, 2017)

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