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May 27, 2018
You can’t make shit like this up
May 28, 2018

We missed Nessie!

The scenery is just amazing. And the roads aren't half bad either.

This day was maybe the best one so far. We toured round the Loch Ness, but at the speeds we were doing we hardly had time to look for Nessie.


In the morning, after I had confessed my burning love for the hotel reception girl, we went outside to notice the Hippie had a flat tyre. He was messing about with his goddamn repair kit and looking for instructions, but I gave him my foam bottle as first aid. Then our fixer for the motorbike-related issues, Horney, gave us an address for a nearby bike shop, where we could get the tyre replaced. Too bad it didn’t seem to be open or something, I don’t know, but we’d go on with the old tyre.


Because of that, we headed out a bit after everybody else. To catch up we’d have to up the speed. It was raining in the morning, but the organizers said it’d stop at 9. Or 10, depending on who you asked. And yes, it surely stopped raining at about that time, but it started again after a while. No problem, we were used to that. The roads were pretty goddamn nice again, and as I was feeling a bit bummed out, after not being able to jump the Ballaugh Bridge on the Isle of Man, all my worres were wiped away, after I took big old air on this bridge on a country road. Fucking brilliant!

After Inverness, where we’d spend the night, we headed round the famous Loch Ness. This time we didn’t have time to look for Nessie, as the roads were dry, empty and marvellous. It was pure orgasm all the way and we were fucking gunning it. Adrian hit 303 km/h GPS speed on his S1000RR, I dare the other Cannonballers to beat that.

At the lunch stop in Ullapool, Adrian and Markus saw a boat-lowering ramp. Naturally this meant instant water-burnout for the others’ entertainment.


On the way back to the civilization Adrian said his fuel light came on, and the on board computer said he had 58 kms of range left. I did a check and the nearest fuel stop was 50something kms away, so we dropped the speed to about legal numbers. That it, until we hit this beautiful mountain road. Mind you, we still didn’t rip it, but I (I was leading at the time) upped the pace quite a bit.

At the fuel stop, the Hippie and Joni were concerned about their bikes getting dirty, so they power-washed and polished them to reveal all the stone chips. For some reason Adrian joined in with the other girls, but just as Markus said, getting it clean won’t make it any faster.


When we headed out to Inverness, as I was zeroing my trip meter, I noticed Adrian in the mirror on full lock, doing a fucking long rolling burnout behind me. That’s when something snapped, and we took a full ghostrider mode, I was going as fast on the motorway as I could and Adrian followed. Afterwards he said his fastest there was 238 km/h, so that’s probably about the top speed for the Kawi. After the refreshing motorway ride we found the hotel with relatively little trouble and went for further relaxation in the hot tub in the spa area. As a remarkable fact we only got lost in the city on Inverness, like 300 meters from the hotel!

Tomorrow this fun will come to an end, as it’ll be the last day of CBR2K17. Hippie and me have something special planned for the climax, so watch this space!


Today in stats:
Distance travelled: 460 km
Times lost: 1
Times pulled over: 0


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