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My gear on Cannonball Bike Run 2015

Little over a week’s riding and 6000km in extremely diverse conditions provide some insight on what you are using. This is a review of the equipment I used during 2015 Cannonball Bike Run. 

Jeremy Clarkson once wrote “…that being a motoring journalist is a bit like being Prince Andrew. Hugely good fun, but in the big scheme of things, not very important.”

Then he tells about going to a boat show without any clue about boats but with an intention of buying one.

“I shall probably end up buying the cheapest, and that’s what started me thinking. Is it like this when people who know very little about cars go to a motor show? […] This then is where motoring journalism starts to make sense.”

Like Clarkson, who, having driven all the family hatchbacks, can tell you Not To Buy A Hyundai Accent, I have used an extensive amount of riding equipment and definitely can tell, what’s good and what’s not.

So, here you go, below you’ll find a short review of the wearables I used in 2015 Cannonball Bike Run. The weather was very diverse, with temperatures ranging from -2°C to +20°C and we got sunshine rain and snow. Perfect weather for testing then!

(All product pictures courtesy of the manufacturers.)

Arai RX-V

Unsurprisingly the top model Arai is a really good helmet. It’s not the lightest, but the weight is low-balanced, which makes it feel lighter than it is. The shape is said to improve function in the unfortunate event of sliding, and this has required a new design for the visor mechanism.

Ventilation is nothing but A+ and as an interesting touch, there’s a little adjustable spoiler on the top of the head. It seems silly, but with some bikes it really does stabilize the helmet on high speeds.

The interior is adjustable and customizable to suit each head individually and all the materials are of top quality. A really, really good lid, quite pricey though.

Would I buy it again? Yes


Sweep Asphalt

A really cool retro leather jacket from Sweep. Interestingly at first I didn’t really like it, but after I used it for a while, it turned into a really comfortable jacket. Has a detachable inner liner (which I binned straight away) and protection on shoulders and elbows. Could use a proper pocket on the inside, though.

Would I buy it again? Yes


Rev’It Jersey

Light blue jeans with Kevlar and protectors, that don’t shout out RIDING EQUIPMENT – they actually look almost like “normal” jeans. They’re pretty warm, which can be a good or bad thing. The light colour is useful for finding oil leaks: look for leaks on the side whichever has the dirtier leg.
These jeans are really sturdy compared to some of the others I’ve seen, and there’s extensive slide protection where it’s needed. Not the best ones I’ve tried, but not far from the top.

Would I buy it again? Probably


Timeless Urban

Pretty sweet looking riding shoes with some ankle protection. They’re really comfy, actually comfy enough for me to use them on a daily basis, which the soles weren’t too keen on and wore out like nothing before. They’re waterproof, but I’d like them better without a membrane, because it would make them cooler, which they really aren’t. Lasted only for one summer.

Would I buy it again? Maybe not


Forcefield Pro L2K Evo

The best thing about this back protector is that it forms to the shape of your back really well. It’s not very thick, but covers a large area of the back, so it take a considerable amount of space under your jacket or suit.

The belt is wide and there’s velcro adjustments on both sides of it, which ensure a snug fit. The suspenders seem to get loose in use, so they are more for emotional support. The protector is really warm, which can be a good or a bad thing.

Would I buy it again? Probably


Rukka Argonaut

Sporty Gore-Tex gloves from Rukka with hard knuckle protection. Really well fitting and properly warm, but still thin enough for a good feel to the bars.

Unlike many other “waterproof” or even Gore-Tex gloves, these actually keep the water out. The liner and membrane are laminated to the leather, which means the liner stays in place when you take the gloves off, which is a really great thing. These gloves are really, really good.

Would I buy it again? Yes

Kriega R3

Small waterproof waist bag for your necessities. Really handy when riding with a leather suit, but usable also on other occasions. Barely noticeable when riding. During Cannonball I had my tools in it.

Would I buy it again? Yes

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