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June 24, 2018
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Movie relating to life of Jarno Saarinen in the pipes

Today, just hours before the opening of Imatranajo it was announced that Idol The Movie, a movie relating to the story of late Finnish Grand Prix legend, Jarno Saarinen is in the pipeline and due to be released in late autumn of 2019. Preparations have been going on for two years and shooting of the movie will commence this autumn in Spain and Thailand.

– The movie is fictional and it takes place today. It will be about a lad, who sees Grand Prix racing, and like Jarno Saarinen back in his day, will join the GP circus as a “poor boy” to catch his dreams, says the producer and original writer Jarmo Piepponen.

– At first we wanted to make a movie about Jarno Saarinen, but after careful consideration we decided a fictional movie along the lines of Jarno’s story is going to interest larger masses and as such will be a better choice, states Piepponen.

According to Piepponen the feedback has been positive. As a Spanish-British-Finnish collaboration the movie will be aimed at international markets. Along with partners is MotoGP team LCR Honda.

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