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August 13, 2018
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FEMA asks for your opinion on motorcycle noise

Motorcycle noise becomes an issue on regular intervals, and recently noise complaints have resulted in motorcycles being banned from certain areas in for instance Germany and the Netherlands. In order to be able to affect EU legislation in a positive manner, the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations has opened a survey for motorcyclists regarding motorcycle noise.

For many motorcyclists (such as myself) noise is an important part of the whole experience, but this naturally has a flipside, complaints from the general public, and reportedly even from other riders. Even if loud pipes save lives, the sound of loud motorcycles can absolutely be irritating to a member of the general public.

The European Commission has recently produced several papers regarding traffic noise, and in these motorcycles are mentioned as an important source of traffic noise. Hence, with the current Euro 4 and the upcoming Euro 5 environmental standards, the allowed motorcycle noise limits are getting lower and lower – even at the moment some manufacturers have trouble with non-enclosed engines producing such mechanical noise that the regulatory limits are exceeded.

As motorcyclists, the best way to combat the legislative ridiculousness regarding noise – and basically whatever – is to behave, when riding in inhabited areas. But to give FEMA tools to fight the legislative battle for you, please click here for the survey.

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