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August 25, 2018
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Gallery: Valge Daami Bike Show 2018

The Charming Estonian Coastal town of Haapsalu, situated approximately 100 km west of Tallinn, hosts an annual Valge Daami (the White Lady) festival in late August.

The festival commemorates a grueling legend, according to which in the medieval times a monk of the Haapsalu monastery had fallen in love with a local girl. When this was discovered, the monk was thrown in the dungeon to starve to death and the girl was enclosed in a brick wall, where her cries could be heard for several days.

During the full moons of the dark August nights, a female figure appears in a window of the Haapsalu church. This is believed to be the woman, still grieving for her lost love.

Be it as it may, the Valge Daami festival brings the city of Haapsalu alive. As a part of the festival, there’s a ride-in show for custom motorcycle at the old Haapsalu railway station. This year the quality of the builds was staggeringly high. Apart from Estonians, there’s traditionally also a bunch of Finnish and Latvian people around, as was the case also this year.

For the best of the show, check out the pictures below.

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