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August 30, 2018
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Indian announces updates for 2019 models

Indian has announced that the 2019 Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster models will be equipped with switchable riding modes, rear cylinder deactivation system and enhanced audio system. In addition to those, Roadmaster has received a lower fairing to improve airflow characteristics. Also new is USB charging port in Scout and Scout Bobber models.

Chief Vintage 2019


Indian mention the new features have been developed in direct response to rider feedback and to enhance the riding experience. In addition to the new technology, each model also receives new colours.

Selectable riding modes allow riders to change the bike’s characteristics on the go between Tour, Standard and Sport modes according to the current environment and rider preference. Tour mode features a softer and Sport a sharper and more aggressive throttle response.


Springfield 2019


In order to increase rider comfort, all Thunder Stroke engines are equipped with rear cylinder deactivation system. When the engine is in operating temperature and the ambient temperature is over 15 °C, the rear cylinder shuts off when the bike is at a standstill. This way the driver is subjected to less engine heat in stopped traffic. The rear cylinder wakes up instantly when throttle is applied.

Indian has significantly improved the audio system with a dynamic equaliser. It automatically adjusts specific frequencies according to vehicle speed in order to compensate for road, wind and engine noise.


Roadmaster 2019


Roadmaster’s lower fairings have been changed to improve the airflow to the rider. The vents allow adjustment according to rider preference from totally closed fairing to a completely open one.

Also new for 2019, Scout and Scout Bobber will receive a USB charging port located near the speedometer, allowing riders to charge a personal device while riding.


Scout Bobber 2019


– These enhancements for 2019 showcase our commitment to listening to riders and continuously improving their experience with our products, said Steve Menneto, President, Indian Motorcycle.
– We are laser-focused on delivering a best-in-class riding experience, and these new technologies represent a focus on quality that will continue long into the future of Indian Motorcycle.


Springfield Dark Horse 2019


Styling-wise Chief Dark Horse and Springfield Dark Horse receive several updates. They now have gloss black finishes on the engine, exhaust and saddlebag hinges. Springfield Dark Horse is now offered in two colours – a new white colour option is available in addition to black. The 2019 Springfield Dark Horse also get the Indian headdress on the front fender and a 19” contrast-cut wheel.

New colours are also available for the Scout model family. The 999cc Scout Sixty is available in black, white, red and silver/black duo-tone paint. 1133cc Indian Scout is available in black, dark blue, green, red/black and green/ivory and the colour options for the Scout Bobber are black, dark grey, white and bronze.

Scout 2019


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