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September 7, 2018
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Katana comeback likely for 2019

Suzuki have traditionally been the most conservative of the Japanese manufacturers, when it comes to new models. They have always been secretive and have never “leaked” anything. Also they seem to take pride on never placing an unfinished product on the market, and test new models for a lengthy period before launch.



In 2013 Suzuki presented a somewhat ready-looking Recursion concept at the Tokyo motor Show. The bike used a two-cylinder, turbocharged engine. The styling was somewhat Katana-esque, which raised hopes of comeback of the legendary model name. The expectations were boosted when Suzuki re-acquired rights to the Gamma and Katana model names.

In 2015 Suzuki presented a production-ready looking engine for the Recursion at Tokyo, which lead us to believe the production model called Katana would be launched in 2017, which obviously didn’t happen.



Last year the Italian Motociclismo magazine and designer Rodolfo Frascoli presented a Katana concept based on the Suzuki GSX-S 1000F. They may not have been that far off, since according to Japanese magazine Young Machine, who often seem to be well-informed about future models, have predicted that Suzuki will present a GSX-S 1000 engined Katana for 2019.

Recently Suzuki UK presented a teaser video showing forging of a sword, and promising that something big is coming at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, early October.

All signs point to Katana.


Update: second video


Update: Third video

Update: Fourth video

(Images: Motociclismo)

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